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Z-52 Background

Three vineyards, four Zinfandels and one shared passion for the pursuit of small lot, single-vineyard wines are the driving force behind one of California's newest wineries, Z-52 . Seasoned winemaker Philip Zorn and veteran wine executive Brent Shortridge wear all the hats at Z-52, and their dedication to distinctive Zinfandels is evident at every turn.

The heart and soul of this boutique winery, named for the shared Z in both Zinfandel and Zorn, (the 52 references the 52 weeks in a vintage year, 52 rows in Agnes' Vineyard, and 52 cards in a full deck) is its commitment to producing high-end Zinfandels from some of the oldest vineyards in the Lodi and Amador County regions. Z-52 s minimalist approach to winemaking embraces the notion that terroir and its influence on grape character is essential to producing outstanding Zinfandel.

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